Funny Financial Shows

Carl has been a Certified Financial Planner (r) since 1995. As a CFP (r) and an award winning professional entertainer, he has created a FREE "show" that is both FUNNY and very helpful.
You need to know that NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, is for sale at these shows.
Carl does NOT even have a list of attendees. Not only will he NOT contact your attendees after the show, he has no way of doing so since there is no sign-in sheet.
He makes it VERY clear that if an attendee wants to ever talk with him after the show, THEY must contact him, or ask him to contact them. This is a HUGE issue with Carl since he, like many of you, has been pursued relentlessly by people who couldn't take "no" for answer.
This is a FUN AND FREE show that is similar to "Comedy Defensive Driving" classes, only this is about your money!
The show is called "Financial FUNdamentals" and it is FUN!! Guaranteed!!
Please call Carl at 214-578-1601 or email him at to find out how you can get this FUNNY, INFORMATIVE show in front of your employees
























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