Face Painting Lessons / Balloon and Clown Lessons

We (Topper and Twinkle) do a LOT of different things at a LOT of different events. These items are frequently modified so rather than change the website and ask you to decipher what's new and what's not, let's visit the old fashioned way, person to person!
As much as I'd prefer a face to fact chat, that often isn't possible. Therefore, please call me (Topper) at 214-578-1601 or email me at topper@topper.us so we can find out how we can best serve you and your family or group.
When it comes to lessons for face painting, clowning or magic, let's face the facts. It's EASY to waste a lot of time just to have you come back for more lessons at a higher rate. Carl and Marsha do NOT think that's fair to you. They pack a LOT into each lesson and they add in their REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE so that you can see, FIRST HAND, how what you are learning applies to the real world. There is nothing better a teacher can do for you than explain WHY what you are learning is going to help you.
Best Wishes!


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